What is Plate Genie? license plate

Data Collection

Plate Genie works with customers to either utilize vehicle license plate scan they presently have or to install cameras to meet the need of the customer for data collection.

Cameras for Data Collection

For example, an airport typically is already scanning license plates when a vehicle enters or leaves the property. On the other hand a retailer who is interested in the currently unknown customers in their parking lot will install cameras to collect data.

Reporting and Data Release

The data collected from the plate scans is converted digitally and associated with a VIN.  Then this information is matched to our private database of over 160 million records to identify who is the vehicle owner and their demographics and lifestyle indicators.

Marketing Campaigns

If desired, a marketing campaign is developed by Plate Genie’s parent company, Willowbend Corporation, including direct mail, digital advertising, email marketing or other media.


We consider privacy extremely important. Because of that we do not release individual scan records. Also, we do not use DMV data whose use for marketing is prohibited under the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA).

Use Cases

The list of use cases is almost unlimited. See the examples in the Industries and Solutions section of this website.