Industries and Solutions


Who is parking in the lots?  Capacity needs?  Promote prepaid parking offers. Promote parking reservation system.  Identify mass transit opportunities for parkers to come to the airport on to relieve congestion days.   Identify meet and greet versus TNC traffic.

Parking Locations

Who uses your lots?  Where do they come from?  How do I make special offers to my best customers?

Retail Stores

Only 8.5% of shoppers use a store app.  How can you identify the other people shopping in your store? How many times are they coming to the location?  What special offer will increase their spend with your store?

Entertainment and Gaming

You know who some of your visitors are, but wouldn’t it be great to increase the number of known people entertaining themselves or spending money at your gaming location?


A camera at the drive through opens the bottle on who is coming to your restaurant.  Promote to frequent customers or target certain family lifestyles.

Site Selection

Not only count the vehicle traffic, but identify the demographics and lifestyle indicators of the people who actually pass the site under consideration.